SalesBrain Issues/Questions

Here are some common issues people run into on SalesBrain!



Linking accounts

When linking a new account and clicking save nothing happens?

– Make sure you have Instagram opened on your phone and are refreshing the newsfeed, you must approve the login up to
– If the problem persists please message us on by email ( , Facebook (Mitchell Trulli) , or Skype (Mitchelltrulli17)

I continue to get the “This was me” notification
– This is just Instagram trying to keep you safe, you may have to do this 7-12 times. If it persists please contact us!

Red Dot on my bot

Please hover over your red dot to see what it is!
B – Blocked bot (This means you have your comments too high, Instagram has flagged you and will allow you to comment again in 24-48 hours)

S- Spam (Instagram is warning you of commenting too fast)

C – Connection (Please reconnect your bot, it has been disconnected)

C- Challenge (Log into your Instagram on your phone and approve the connection)

NOTE: If any problems persist you can always create a new bot to start fresh!


My bot is not commenting?

Make sure you have comments, filters, and all forms filled out on the creation of your bot. If so please try reconnecting.
If the problem persists contact us! or create a new bot always helps trouble shooting


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