Product Directions & Tips

Product Directions and Tips
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WATCH ME REVEAL $30K monthly in chatbots!!

What is SalesBrain?
We are a company that helps you make E-commerce sales with Instagram chatbots!
How is works?
Our system connects to your company Instagram account and engages with potential customers to close sales and make you money!
How much money can I make?
We have had multiple shops reach six figures in revenue with $0 in marketing efforts!
What does it cost?
We are completely free to start! If you begin making sales you must pay 25% of that revenue to us. You will be billed every other Sunday.

Product directions and tips for optimizing your default replies.

  • This is the automation software part of the SB platform
  • Create a script that is engaging
  • Create a script that highlights your brand
  • Choose delays between the users message and your response to maintain a natural conversation
  • Chatbots commonly follow some variation of this conversation flow: Welcome, Introduction, Pitch, Close, Thank themFor an example please message the instagram @therelationshipbracelet

Add Target Hashtags

  • It allows you to filter Instagram and find users who would be interested in your brand – Your bot will comment on these posts
  • The minimum required amount of target hashtags is 2 Max should be 5
  • Choose a CONSUMER hashtag – #watches is only companies posting pictures of their watches. But #graduation is consumers posting pictures of them graduating who may want to buy a watch.
  • Choose only hashtags with at least 3 Million posts (You can research this on the instagram app)

Segment Your Audience:
This feature is designed to filter Instagram for the posts that match your queries, empowering you to engage with your target audience.

  • Please check for typos and ensure your desired hashtag is entered
  • What community on Instagram is your target customer involved with. What tags do they use when they post?
  • Hashtags with larger numbers of related posts interacts with many users, but the users themselves will be broad and may not match your target audience as much as smaller hashtags
  • One proven strategy is to choose a blend of large hashtags and medium / smallHASHTAG GENERATOR!

Add Comments

  • Requirement: At least five comment options
  • The comments should inspire the user to take action and send your page a message to start a conversation
  • Compliment the user’s post, then encourage them to message you

Hey! Message us to collaborate
Hey send us a message lets get in touch
Hey love this lets chat, message us

What is Auto-Challenge?
The auto challenge feature will allow SalesBrain to automatically purchase a burner phone number and verify your IG account and reconnect it to our bots, if it ever gets disconnected.
What is Block Pause time?
This feature allows you to set the amount of hours that the bot STOPS commenting once it hits a notification from IG saying “You are commenting too fast”

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